Blog 3: Meeting new people in SL

This week in our pairs we had to go out and meet two new people in Second Life and we decided to go out and take a walk around the local area by Dit and Dublin. There aren’t too many people around this part of second life so it wasn’t an easy job finding people to talk to. As we were walking around I spotted a woman’s character and walked over and sent a message saying Hi, it took a while for her to reply but I got a hello back from her. I tried to further the conversation by asking how she was but she walked away and that was that.

The next thing we did was walk around some more and try to locate people. We saw a pub on the corner and went in because we knew there’d be atleast one or two people inside. We were right there were one or two including a bar man and people would come and go for short periods of time. Kate approached a man’s character and introduced  herself and she didn’t get a reply either.

Overall we didn’t get to talk to people much and that was disappointing because it was what we were asked to do, but at least we tried. Hopefully as time goes on and we figure this whole module out we will be able to meet more people and get them to reply. I think as we get to know Second Life more, we will be better at approaching people and visiting places.




Blog 7: Class Project progress

For class this week we had to visit our chosen location again and try to progress on the research for our project. So myself and Kate met in second life and decided to go back to our chosen destination ‘Da Vinci Gardens: Kalepa’. It worked out OK, except for the fact that it took ages for my character to load in second life and it was happening to Kate too. Mine loaded eventually but Kate’s just wouldn’t work. It so frustrating that it seems like every time we overcome an obstacle, another one pops up but, we always manage. So I kept on the phone to Kate and I went ahead and tried to find out as much as I could about the location while Kate tried to get hers working.

I went inside to the shop place in the gardens and I tried messaging Felixx Shepherd, the owner and creator of Kalepa. As soon as I sent him the message, I got an instant automatic reply telling me he isn’t always in front of his screen so if I wanted a more immediate reply, it was better to send him a notecard. I didn’t know what a notecard was so I couldn’t send him one but I just decided to wait and see if he would reply to my instant messages. Kate and I said in the next class we will ask John what a notecard is and how to send one.


Anyway, I didn’t get a reply just yet but I got enough information for this week from right clicking on Felixx and various objects in the shop and from the description of the location.


“Enjoy Second Life’s most diverse region: A combination of romance, mysticism and adventure.

Castles, dragons, tropical islands, sea life, Egypt, aliens, dance, friends, mermaids, cruising, swing, couples, love, cuddle, riding, fun, shop, renting and treasure hunt”.

Type: Estate / Full Region

Owner: Felixx Shepherd

Area: 65,184m2

Region Capacity: 13359 out of 15,000 (1641 available)

Overall, this weeks research wasn’t too bad, it could’ve been alot worse because of slow loading, but we still managed to get it done and we’ll just add to it with next week’s work. It’s frustrating when little problems stand in the way of getting work done because the location we chose is really beautiful and we really want to find out all about it.


Blog 6~ Class project start

Visiting our five locations: Megan & Kate

We started our Class Projects this week in Second Life where our pairs had to go and visit five new locations before choosing one to work with.

So, myself and Kate went off to find 5 lovely new locations, except that Kate’s Destinations bar wouldn’t load again (a problem from before) and it was very frustrating for both of us to work together when only one laptop would load properly. However, we decided that I would choose five random locations from my destinations bar and teleport Kate to wherever I went which worked out great because the five locations we went to were good.


Our first location was ‘St. Paul’s Cathedral’. From the outside it definitely looked like a church, grey stone, grass all around, it was lovely. The inside was designed beautifully and alot of detail was put into the design. There was nobody around or inside to find out about it but we just looked around inside and clicked on certain objects. We found out that it is owned by Prokofy Neva. It had a lovely altar, benches and what looked like a tiled floor.


The second place we visited was ‘Gateway to the Faery crossing: Aetheria’. It was like a big enchanted garden or forest like an outdoor space with lots of greenery, trees and Fairy-like characters. It was beautiful, like a fairytale land, somewhere I’d love to choose but unfortunately there was no building to enter, just outdoors. Kate tried to speak to a lady there but she got no reply, so we just moved on. I really liked that place.

The third place we visited was ‘Wood’s Club’. It was a nightclub place with a long hallway that lead us around to a balcony that looked over the entire dancefloor and it was full of people. It was a mellow club, relaxed music and a place to chill out. People were texting in the groupchat but it was messy and hard to understand so we decided to leave and visit our next spot.


‘Da Vinci Gardens-Kalepa’ was our next destination and definitely our favourite. First of all it was huge and it had all of these places to go like nooks and crannies everywhere and then it had main parts like the area we get teleported to and the lovely shop. I loved to fly around it because the views and everything from above was very pretty. ‘Da Vinci Gardens’ and the whole of ‘Kalepa’ is just designed so beautifully with white/cream buildings, gold design, lovely trees and plants, walkways and paths, and views of the sea from edges of cliffs and balconies. From this visit we learned that it is owned by a man named Felixx Shepherd.

The final place we visited was ‘Mainstore, le Look’ which was a shopping centre. When we first arrived there it was a disaster because we were teleported under the ground by the water features and we couldn’t get out. We were trapped and every time we tried to re-teleport ourselves to it, the same thing would happen. However, Kate managed to get out and have a look around and she told me one of the shop names and I teleported to there instead. It was simply a large, modern shopping centre and retail units where you could buy clothes. It wasn’t too special other than the cool pools of water down each side of the centre. So we just had a look around and that concluded our five new location visits.



Blog 5: Personal Branding

The first thing I did for this blog was Google myself. I couldn’t believe that all of my social media accounts popped up with no problems, including my twitter account from three to four years ago where I used to obsess over Justin Bieber and tweet about being hungry, which is now quite embarrassing. My Facebook account popped up along with about five others because my second name is quite unusual so there aren’t many people on Facebook with my name. However, my page is private so not just anybody would be able to see any posts or pictures put up by me unless I have them as a friend, which is preferable. My Instagram account also came up quite easily (all of these accounts showed up on the first search page one after the other) but that’s private too so only my followers can see my photographs. I’m pretty blown away  by how easy it is to locate me on social media and how anybody (including future bosses etc.) could do it just by Googling my name. I’m glad I have my two main accounts (Facebook and Instagram) set as private so that only the people that I accept can view my profiles. As of yet I don’t have a LinkedIn account but if I ever do decide to join, my account would definitely be on a more professional level, suitable for anyone to see. I’m not saying my other accounts aren’t suitable but to me they are more private.

Eventually as I get older and as I get further down the line with my career and jobs I may have, I will have to take into consideration how influential our social media accounts have on our professional lives and will have to become more professional online.

Blog 4: Elevator Pitch

Three adjectives I would use to describe myself would be Friendly, Hard-working and Forgiving.

Being a friendly person benefits me on Facebook. I have a lot of friends and group chats and enjoy being friendly with people even when I’m not with them. I don’t know how being hard-working would influence my Facebook presence except that I wouldn’t spend as much time on it if I had work to do and needed to get it finished. Being a forgiving person means you don’t hold grudges and can let things go. This would influence my Facebook presence in the way that I wouldn’t let things on it being said or done get to me and I’d be willing to get past it. For example, arguing online.


Elevator Pitch

I am now studying Interior and Furniture Design in DIT and I love it. It took a lot of hard work and time to complete a good portfolio and get to where I am. I have wanted to do Interior Design for years and finally being here is great, especially since I’m quite a creative person and have a good eye for design. I love this course, It’s very hard work and getting up at 5:45 most mornings is tough but it’s the least you can expect from one of the most sought after Interior Design courses in the Country. I am enjoying college life at the minute, I’m a very friendly person who loves to interact and be with others.

Virtual Environments: Second Class&Blog

October 8th

Our second class was all about exploring. We were put into pairs, learned how to fly and set new landmarks to help us get around second life easily. In this class we were told to visit three locations in Second Life with our partner.

I was paired with Kate McCarthy and we planned to come into college on Wednesday the 14th before the next class on our day off and spend a few hours exploring second life and the three locations together. However, I had a problem connecting my Laptop to the Eduroam WiFi in DIT and I even brought it down to the student services to see if they could help me fix it but they didn’t have the time. They told me to come back next week to hopefully get it sorted. So myself and Kate both decided to do it from home and talk on the phone to each other. That worked well, except that Kate’s laptop wouldn’t load and wouldn’t show certain things on second life like her destinations because of her weak connection at home. So what we decided to do was have a walk around locally in Dublin and call into certain places. We visited a few clothes shops, a bank and offices, a church and a cinema, anything that we could find. The church was nice, the bank wasn’t too exciting just a few desks etc. and the cinema was interesting because you could buy tickets so I’m assuming there were movies or something being shown.

Overall we didn’t get a chance to visit the destinations we wished to go to, but we tried other options and still got a chance to work together and interact with some people on second life. In the next class I hope to learn how to teleport people to wherever I am so that if this problem arises with Myself and Kate again, I will be able to choose a place from my laptop and teleport her to me.

Virtual Environments: First Class

First Meeting: October 5th 2015

I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up for the Virtual Environments Module because I didn’t know much about it. During our first class we discussed what the plan was for the module in the first semester. After practising using Second Life for a while and going to the first class, I got the hang of it.

I hope to do well in the Virtual Environments Module and make up enough credits to pass the year. It also seems like a fun module where I can talk and interact with classmates and lecturers so It’ll be a less stressful Module compared to the rest. I know I will find it easy enough to get through the Module because I’m an audio learner and we seem to speak and interact with eachother a great deal.

At the end of this Module our class will be able to work and interact well with other people and as a team from constantly speaking to eachother and working together. And also from meeting new people from around the world in Second Life and as Future Interior Designers this will be important for us. Also, we will be out creative minds to work creating our own identities and personal brands. Hopefully it develops our online skills too which I’m sure it will towards the end of the semester.

virtual environments